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The free 14-day trial version of KScan3D provides all of the features and functionality of the full version, minus the ability to export data. To see how exported KScan3D data imports into your favorite 3D modeling software, please visit the Gallery and download our sample scans. Sample scans are available in .ply, .obj, and .stl formats.


Prior to downloading and installing the trial version of KScan3D, please read the Hardware Requirements to ensure that your computer can run KScan3D. You will also need to have a compatible sensor.

Installation and Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the trial version of KScan3D, be sure to visit the Installation and Getting Started pages to properly set up and capture your first 3D scan.


If you need help installing or using the trial version of KScan3D, please read our FAQ, visit the KScan3D forum, or contact us.

Need a Trial License Key?

If you have already downloaded the trial version of KScan3D and you need a license key to activate the software, simply select the button below, fill out the form, and press Send. We will immediately email you a trial license key and links to the latest 32- and 64-bit versions of KScan3D.

* Can not export with trial version

Download Free Trial